Module offers a great possibility to manage a complete, large and sophisticated register of consumption units for preparing a large amount of invoices for different activities such as water supply, waste management, remote heating, gas distribution, waste water management, dwellings management undertakers, cable services, internet providers, subscription and rent management and much others.

Module offers complete register of service users and managing data about type and quantity of services.

Intuitive graphical user interface and user friendliness make a module easy to use with additionally comprehensive on-line help. Module also offers possibility for remote assistance from our support personnel or local support partner.

Module offers menus to organize maintain and transact with data imputed. On the end is a system administration menu which helps with simple yet efficient administration work easier.

To access frequently used processes module has icons below menu bar for easier and faster work as well as shortcuts (key combinations) for the same purpose.

To take full advantage of module invoices it must be organized properly through included common data which is divided to different sets of common data tables.

Most important is a consumption unit table. In this one all details can be managed for a consumption unit, e.g. If the person is at the same time user, payer and receiver or there are several for a consumption unit. It can be set up as well as range of services provided for a considered consumption unit.

Other common tables define and maintain demanded data from lower single table level to combined data sets on higher levels.


Basic functions:

  • Managing cadastre of consumption units through users, payers, types of clearance, dividing keys for multi-apartment buildings etc.
  • Managing different services through complete set of combined common tables.
  • Preparing a complete list of consumption units with different criteria or limitations.
  • Payments through direct debts (automatic or manual setting up for a single user).
  • Down payment charging on defined day or month.
  • Import data for opened, changed or canceled direct debts.


Functionality – water and sewerage system

  • Use of standard functions
  • Register of water meter, changing it and entering data of reported condition.
  • Considering exemption certain services with specific consumption
  • Evidence of water counters, charging maintenance and preparing suggestions for changing of counters.
  • Evidence of cesspools, their location, type of connection and type of cesspool
  • Importing data from handheld terminal or radio-meters


Functionality - waste disposal

  • Use of standard functions
  • Defining measurement units such as kilogram, liter, and people…
  • Defining clearance according to a frequency of waste disposal.
  • Defining clearance according to disposed containers or their size, regular or exceptional disposal frequency etc.


Functionality – cable systems

  • Use of standard functions
  • Multiple services – can be entered one or more services for one consumption unit
  • Managing contracts for a consumption unit
  • Internet providing service as an additional service regardless of usage cable systems (cable tv)


Functionality - apartment rental services

  • Use of standard functions
  • Possibility to charge rent for contracted price or according to legislature
  • Defining parameters such as points, size factors, types of apartments…
  • Possibility to consider subventions


Functionality – managementmanagementmanagingrunningdirectingbossingupravljanje ofstanovanj dwellings

  • Use of standard functions
  • Defining complete registry of each apartment by area (square meters) and its connection to consumption unit.
  • Defining a manager, house keeper, sales rep, whole area, area to be heated
  • Defining reserve found and charging it upon legislation.


Functionality – grave rentals

  • Defining zone, electrification and other attributes for managing grave rentals
  • Defining size and type of grave
  • Managing list of deceased through different criteria.
  • Managing manners of clearance by user defined settings.


Different services (functionalities) can be defined inside same application. In case of  specific customer needs more applications for different purposes can be installed.

Whole range of predefined functionalities are offered for different services.


Reporting menu

A large number of defined reports and analyses for each functional area offer to user possibilities to manage data for billing thru a single or multiple issued bills for a single customer.

With analyses a significant number of decisions are eased no matter which functionality is used.


System administrator’s menu

For security purposes a system administrator’s menu a range of settings can be managed such as managing passwords, basic and advanced system settings, creation of new work area, managing shortcuts etc.


Benefits of module inkasso and its functionalities:

  • Simple and user friendly GUI
  • Possibility to create data for issue invoices under different limitations and characteristics
  • Evidence between active and inactive consumption units with dates applied for those actions
  • Automatic recording of interventions – changes in consumption unit with enabled report.
  • Independent settings for future data transformation
  • For each consumption unit you have the possibility to define the invoice sharing of the costs, enter changes for the future, enter additional comments,…
  • Possibility to prepare a rental contracts with predefined limitations.
  • Reporting for consumption units with limitations, filters and attribute settings
  • Waste disposal reporting
  • Automatic or manual evidence of waste disposal in regular frequency or exceptional transportations.
  • Possibility to charge on different systems, groups and gradation between them
  • Water and sewerage system offers different possibilities like simple evidence of water consumption, automatically registering consumption, possibility to use and import data from transmission terminals
  • Creating reports for inspecting a number of cesspools
  • Creating reports for government agencies
  • Cable system offers an evidence for a different set of services thru cable tv to internet providing service.
  • Detailed overview between active and inactive users.
  • Apartment rental services offer a whole range of different calculations and charges of rentals (calculated points, area in sq. Meters, type of rental contracts…)
  • Detailed reporting for apartment owners.
  • Management of dwellings offers a possibility to charge service with different parameters, it can be linked to module received invoices to avoid double data entry
  • Possibility to charge different costs for each building separately
  • Possibility to define who pays different costs (user or owner)
  • A lot of reports which can be defined with different settings and filters
  • A range of analyses
  • And more…