About us


1. Introduction

BASS d.o.o. is a leading software development company on Slovenian market since 1991 when it was founded. Primary activity is developing and supporting highly sophisticated software products for public services such as water supply, waste management, remote heating, gas distribution, waste water management, dwellings management undertakers, cable services, internet providers, subscription and rent management and much others. On a Slovenian market BASS d.o.o. covers over 2/3 share of mentioned industry.

2. Strategy – long term goals

BASS d.o.o. is already a significant solution provider on Slovenian market. To align market company needs to spread its activities with merging other niche players.

The role of leading solution provider for municipal maintenance and sanitation services raises importance for proactive appearance on markets outside Slovenia.

3. Company Overview

Company BASS d.o.o. is a part of BASS group which consists of two leading solution providers for municipal maintenance and sanitation services and several partners from it industry and publis services..

BASS d.o.o. employs experts from different areas e.g. Accounting, Billing, Operations and Computer engineering which results extremely scalable and user friendly software solutions for different industries and needs.

Since foundation in year 1991 company became well recognized with its own approach for fast and efficient support to customers what can prove a large list of live references – more than 100+ and over 1000+ users.

Result of good relationship to customers and partners is also strategic alliance with Intel Corporation, Novell NetWare, Comtrol, Microsoft, MySQL, Birch, Vicking and many others.

4. Software

A challenge to become first and the best solution provider for such a mission critical industry depends on a very precise software design and use of development tools which can provide scalable use for different server platforms, highly integrated yet independent modules which can be implemented in a bundle or separately – just to fit customer's needs.

For this reason our solutions are designed for fast implementation into customer's environment and ensure rapid and effective start with the bottom line – fast ROI. Implemented functionalities in single modules provide extremely independent work for considered areas and with compatibility to other modules ensure fast, efficient and timely correct data exchange, which can be highly important for e.g. Billing.

Due to rapid changes of legislation BASS d.o.o. tries to implement those before validation. Another point to consider is that BASS gives credit to all content changes suggested by customers, of course if that change can help work in a significant way.

5. Hardware

In a line to provide full support for our customers, company BASS d.o.o. can also insure complete range of hardware solutions, from workstations, laptops to highly sophisticated servers for which company got Intel Product Integrator Certificate. Servers are configured to fulfill all customer needs from Application and Database servers thru Web and Mail servers to complete backup service.

6. Internet / Intranet

Every company needs to control along internal data also external information and it has to be able to communicate through every possible electronic way. In that matter we provide complete service establishing all possible Internet and/or Intranet solutions regardless platform used to perform efficiently as much as it is required.

7. Education

During transition period customer gets all needed education to start in full productionally and independently to previous system. Every little detail is explained on trainings and it can be repeated on customers request. For changes implemented during productional period there are two ways. First is to organize complete training if changes are significant or it can be done On-line training for minor changes implemented.

8. Support

Product support is probably most valuable advantage of complete line of services. Regardless whether customers company is big or small, all are treated equally. In a first line of support our experts try to solve problems via secured tunnels and if that is not enough Support team provide service on customer's location. In any case response time is less than 24 hours.